Reza Saeedi

Bristol, United Kingdom

Reza's Skills
Business Development

About Reza

I’m currently in the process of submitting my business idea for the Sirius Competition and am looking to team up with an individual with experience in web development and/or graphic design. Prior startup experience is a plus!

The candidate’s country of origin or current place of residence does not matter, as long as they are willing to relocate to the UK, should the team be one of the winners.
The idea is education-related, so working with someone who shares the same passion (even a little) would certainly be an advantage.

I have and will be doing most of the work for the initial submission and won't expect much commitment from the person right now as there's only a couple of weeks to the deadline. If the team does win the competition, then I'll need them to work full time on the project.

Upon hopefully winning the competition, the team will be put on one of the top accelerators in the UK for free, with a £12,000 contribution per team member (slightly more for the accelerator in London).

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