Rhiannon Colvin

London, United Kingdom

Rhiannon's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rhiannon

Hey I'm Rhiannon, founder of Altgen a new project that aims to inspire, facilitate and support young people to set up workers cooperatives as an empowering and collaborative solution to youth unemployment.

After graduating a year ago, I was faced with a bleak employment reality in which me and my friends were forced to compete against each other for the lowest jobs the economy has to offer, unpaid internships, volunteer placements, zero hours contracts, jobs we did not enjoy or did not allow us to contribute to our full potential. This made me start thinking about new and exciting solutions to the reality I and many others across Europe are facing and after 3 months research in Portugal and Spain I came back inspired by the idea of workers cooperatives. They seemed like the perfect way to give youth more control over their future and their work, whilst simultaneously creating a more sustainable and democratic economy.

Whilst I have a wealth of experience in campaign management, marketing, workshop facilitation, public speaking, project development and communication, inspiring and engaging young people with this new narrative of a generation with an alternative future and building the structures and network needed and giving youth legal and business development support is only half of the work.

The other half is designing a edgy logo and brand, as well as developing and maintaining an online hub space, where interested young people can meet each other, share business ideas, search for the people and skills they need to make it happen, find mentors, apply for apprenticeships in already established cooperatives, and once a coop make effective decisions and delegate tasks online.

I am looking for a cofounder with skills in web development and design, they must be passionate about youth unemployment, social justice, and inspired by the idea of creating a new economy from the bottom up. They must believe in the project and be willing to put time and energy into making it a reality. In return they will have equal ownership, stake and say in the project. This project suits someone who is ambitious and ready to make a change in this world.