Rich Greenhill

Venice, California, US

Rich's Skills
Product Management

About Rich

I'm a versatile strategic and operational team leader… who can code! A company founder, years of experience in both startups and Fortune 500s, leadership roles on web products with millions of users, and a fullstack Javascript and Ruby developer. Comprehensive domain knowledge in games and game publishing, online media operations, and ecommerce.

Technical Skills include: Javascript (incl. NodeJS), AngularJS, Ruby, Rails, HTML/CSS, Git, SQL/NoSQL, Cloud Deployment (e.g. Heroku, Amazon Web Services)

Seeking: A partner to bounce ideas, complement my strengths. I have a platform idea I believe in and could get to MVP with about 6-8 weeks heads down coding. I want someone in parallel to lay the groundwork for user acquisition/marketing and maybe raise capital to allow hiring dev talent to enhance the product beyond launch phase.

My strengths in writing code are on the backend work, building systems for data collection and insights; as a stakeholder in product success, I am extremely detail oriented, analyzing UX and behavior metrics.