Rich Wrigley

Chicago, Illinois, US

Rich's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rich

rentBase is a startup based in Chicago that seeks to systemize the lifecycle of a tenancy for Landlords and Tenants; think Basecamp for rental property.

rentBase has a solid concept that is the result of a huge amount of research and first hand experience. It has received positive feedback from landlords, tenants and the tech community. This is a problem that needs solving with a solution that is ready to roll.

rentBase is searching for enthusiastic and talented individuals to help fulfill the vision. Folks with a strong desire to build a sustainable business from the ground up.

The technical cofounder will be a central figure and instrumental in the development of rentBase. A team player with a strategic mind and their own ideas. Someone who is an advocate of agile development / lean startup methodologies.

My background is property development and construction project management with experience delivering $50M+ projects in demanding environments. I have strong team building, strategic and analytical skills, all of which are transferable to the demands of managing a startup and building a sustainable business.


Liverpool John Moores University

BA Architecture

1999 - 1999