Richard Fink

San Francisco, California, US

Richard's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Richard

I have created PayLive, a new payment system using your smartphone. Goodbye blue, silver, and gold plastic credit cards in your pocket. Hello PayLive, a new digital alternative for in-person purchases. PayLive is disruptive because it challenges all other methodologies that have not found the universal solution for all smartphones in the market today.

Here's the Big Deal - PayLive uses the smartphone you now have in your pocket!

This is a true MVP solution. PayLive securely communicates credit card information with the seller’s current POS System for payment processing. The seller may continue to use their same Credit Card Provider or Gateway. No changes required for PayLive transactions. PayLive is an elegant solution supporting all the smartphones in the market today!

I am seeking one co-founder to round out the founding team to proceed from product specification to product delivery in the marketplace. That individual will have a strong background in startup management from the business development and financial side. It is important that they have personal contacts in the financial industry, as these will be needed in building strategic alliances in the build-out of PayLive. An important contribution would be a co-founder who already has senior management or founder experience at a previous startup and had an exit. PayLive is proposing that this co-founder be an equal partner in the founder team. This person must be based in the San Francisco Bay Area.