Richard Forrest

London, United Kingdom

Experienced C++ developer, Applied Mathematician, Engineering PhD
Richard's Skills
Library Programming
Linux Application Development
Optimization Software
Mathematical Modeling
Mathematical Programming
B2B software

About Richard

About Me:

I'm a software engineer who's been working on a side project for a while, just for the fun and the challenge. Putting in few hours per day, every day, builds up over time. It's reached a stage where it's matured into something really useful for a wide range of real-world situations. Maybe there's even the potential to build a business out of it. But, as a non-business-savvy geek, to achieve that, I'm going to need help.

About My Project:

Imagine a team of people working together to achieve multiple goals. It might be the staff at a restaurant preparing and delivering orders to customers; or perhaps the crew of a construction project building homes to a deadline; or any one of a thousand types of enterprise where people use resources to work together to achieve multiple shifting goals, at the lowest cost, in the face of ever changing circumstances.

My project is a scheduler for real world tasks. It accounts for resource availability and contention, multiple competing methods, job dependencies, dwell-time constraints and much more. It reschedules dynamically as the situation changes, pushing personalized updates to those affected. It's simple to use, accurate, fast and flexible.

It can be used via a REST API or called directly as a library on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android or iOS. Currently, there's no front end. The user interface would obviously depend on the application.

I've plenty of plans to continue improving it, including integration with mobile technology, using the data it generates to build statistical models to make it predictive, and automated evolution of job models.

About You:

You're a business developer with detailed knowledge of your industry and extensive contacts. Or maybe you see an opportunity in the consumer market, perhaps an app. You can see where software like this might add value. If you can identify opportunities and make deals, I can partner with you to manage the technical side, providing integration with existing software, enhancements and custom apps. We could quickly have a profitable business with little need for any additional financing.

If that's you, or you would just like to find out more, then get in touch.