Richard N

Andover, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

About Richard N

Disclaimer: I'm looking for partner, NOT a job! I don't care about my ideas (well, that's a lie), or yours (well, that's a lie, too). I am looking for caring and funny partner(s) to have great time building something cool and GOOD. Whatever that ends up being.
Now back to profile...

Excited product developer with 20+ years of experience in product definition, server development, dev team management in startup environments. Startup activist in Boston area.

Offering: energy and fun, rapid server development skills (Rails, Java, Python, ...), plenty of plans, ideas and product patterns to cook.

Lacking: UI skills (design, UX, web, mobile), Marketing, Early Business Development

Looking for: personality match (!), excitement, 2 cofounders covering the "Lacking" section.