Richard Purcell

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Richard's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Richard

In a nut shell: I'm Social, Seriel Entrepreneur and Change Agent. NYC Go-Getter Meets CLT Charm with Moxie Out the Wazoo.

I've been on the leadership team of a few non profit and for-profit startups all with varying success. There are a few projects I am working on; each in different stages of development. I'm open to joining or having individuals join my team which already consists of talented leaders with diverse backgrounds.

I would consider my strengths to be in relationship management, creative writing, and problem solving (right brain thinking). I am looking for a person (or persons) who are extremely detail oriented and technical (left brain thinking).

In addition, I identify with these traits, and expect the same from my current and future partners:

-Maintains a higher bar for him/herself than CIS does, and thus consistently delivers work that exceeds the expectations of colleagues.
-Takes initiative—fixes what’s broken and improves what isn’t without waiting to be told to do so.
-Runs through walls—finds ways to break through barriers, internal or external, that get in the way of his/her success.
Clear Thinker
-A simplifier, able to boil down complex situations into clear goals and solutions.
-A ruthless prioritizer—always knows the most important two or three things and is able to ignore the rest.
-Anticipates all possible questions and outcomes.
-A problem solver, not just a problem pointer-outer.
-Translates ideas and analysis into actionable outcomes.
-Avoids analysis paralysis - moves fast and shows urgency to get things done.
Straight Shooter
-Speaks up—comfortable asking uncomfortable questions.
-A truth-seeker - forsakes politics at risk of being annoying in pursuit of the best answer, even if it’s not his/her own.
-Humble and self-aware—is his/her own biggest critic, knows what he/she doesn’t know, and is always learning.
-Embraces mistakes as learning experiences and doesn’t make them twice.
-Adaptive—embraces change.


University of North Carolina Charlotte

Global, Area & International Studies

2009 - 2009

Universidad de Guadalajara

Conversational Spanish

2008 - 2008