Richard Smith

Poquoson, Virginia, US

Richard's Skills
Product Management

About Richard

My name is Richard Smith, I am a mechanic living in SE Virginia.

My goal is to get access to research and development funds, access to research facilities, access to resources. to complete research and development on an energy efficiency product for use in new home construction and retrofitting of single family houses.

Specifically I have developed and prototyped an under shower waste heat recovery unit that captures waste heat from a residential shower, and preheats the incoming cold water to the shower and hot water heater, saving roughly 50% of the hot water energy that would otherwise go down the drain. DWHR (drain water heat recovery) is not new (example ), however the current products are industrial designs being sold as residential units.

My design uses existing building materials, accepted common heat exchange technology, built to specifically match standard building practices and materials. My design is also cost effective, in that the savings payback the original installation cost in short time periods, which current products do not (the original purchase price far exceeds the savings, zero payback)

Can you direct me to any resources available to ordinary individuals that would help me take this from a prototype to a standard residential building practice? .

Thank you for your time