Richard T

Austin, Texas, US

Richard's Skills
Product Management

About Richard

An American entrepreneur and founder of a multitude of little apps that thousands of people lovingly make use of to this day.

Skilled with software development related to Android, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS 3, Java, iOS, Objective C, Linux, Bash, and little bit of everything.

I've fallen deeply in love with the collection and profoundly useful understanding of big data. A/B testing amuses the heck outta me. I've built reasonably successful projects all by my lonesome. I loathe being bogged down by massive laundry lists of mundane and simple things to do, but I LOVE being respectfully offered vague but succinct descriptions of problems for me to develop a profound solution to.

My ideal co-founder has a strong interest in and understanding of extremely important human factors like "what do the people want?"