Richard Winters

Oneonta, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Richard

I am a C++ & PHP developer with over 10 years of experience. I am fluent with modern concepts and technology, and have experience in Windows/Linux programming, web programming (AJAX concepts, LESS, CSS3X, HTML5), database-driven programming, Game and Simulation programming, Application Life-Cycle Management (Agile methods, source control), management of development teams internal and remote, and Product Management.

I have worked for companies such as Directive (Creator of JoomConnect - $2,000,000.00+[2013] company built on a marketing integration for ConnectWise), created the innovative AJAX framework for their up and coming release of JoomConnect 4.0 for Joomla!, and created software such as OS33's Cloud Solution Billing Integration for ConnectWise.

Personally, I have built a UI, Template, and Extension Framework for Joomla! which is to be used for our products and services. I have also built several bots and simulations for various games in C++, and have constructed a theme framework for windows. I also have experience in .NET, but not extensively.

What I have is an idea for a business solution (I've put in extensive work into development already) which has a focus on service providers and internet based companies whose products and services revolve around development (whether web design or web/desktop/mobile software & integration.)

The goal of this solution is to provide a tool set for said consumers which works with their specific service, development, production, and marketing styles & practices:

Developer's like using their favorite tools, but sales personnel need a CRM, the service personnel need a system for support, and the boss likes monitoring and tracking performance and productivity - which usually requires a 'corp' software solution, a few third party integrations, lots of money - and always requires developers to start using numerous sets of tools in order to properly communicate and flow with the other departments!

Most companies also like integrating lead capture, sales, and the web (Not just their website, but all of their online presences!) directly into their solution. With my software they get it all designed just for them, and at an affordable price, that grows with their business!

Production of a prototype is underway, and now I am looking to expand my team. Together I am confident that we can complete this prototype, find funding, and be successful at launch.