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Background: http://GluedToTheScreen.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/glued2thescreen

After 15+ years as a lone wolf pursuing regular internet business ventures at http://BOLDfx.com (which started after 15 years in mission-critical business computing and finally getting tired of managing people), I became aware of a market convergence of tech, web media, podcasting, more. A light began to glimmer...

Audio, video, text, images, and charts are all really the same on the internet... data... and we now want "consume" them together, not separately. Faster mobile networks, growing smartphone use, and widespread wifi access are some the TECH components fueling this transition.

It started as a simple concept, the ability to mark a specific spot WITHIN a podcast and easily share it on the web. This was more than TWO YEARS AGO and nobody was doing it. So I started a project, it became a PROJECT; it morphed from a feature into a foundation. Along the way I have learned much and written, consolidated, leveraged, and hacked a lot of code... on the front end and back... with a large and still growing database. Although far from complete, I have an evolving MVP on the web that demonstrates many features:

(still in dev; slow now but that's not what we're focused on at the moment; click REFRESH if it gets stuck)

Quirky still, but it actually works. The FIRST web app to deep link audio and video files, including Youtube.

Work in process: documentation at http://VIZdex.com

The VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform addresses a complex set of problems by creating a foundation for building interactive, data-driven "one page web apps". The client-side app provides a unique perspective or "view" of the database. While the apps function much like a regular phone app, our approach does NOT require install... apps are responsive in any modern web browser, which can be accessed from most anywhere and across a range of devices (including phones). The idea is to have many apps revolving around a sophisticated database, some with comprehensive capabilities but most with greatly simplified interfaces designed for specific purposes. The theme of any given app targets a niche; many apps will seem totally unrelated on the surface (yet connected behind the scenes).

VIZdex sources much content from RSS feeds: podcasts, blogs, vlogs, newsfeeds, etc. but the database could be maintained in many ways.

It has become clear to me that a significant opportunity exists at this time for a TEAM to create a unique product and scale it to have an actual impact on the way social media plays out in the future. No exaggeration. Some of this is my tech but much is simply the TIMING of events, a convergence that dictates a clear future (to me, anyway).

I'm looking for a couple of CO-FOUNDERS with skills...

CLIENT-SIDE DEV - strong javascript and CSS; ajax/json; responsive layout; basic design
SERVER-SIDE DEV - mostly PHP/MySQL application development right now, mostly logic sequences and function calls; some distributed API arch so remote services different, such as big data. Sys admin.
DATA - MySQL database and a certain high-performance big data library would be excellent!
SALES - there are a number of revenue approaches surrounded the platform architecture yet to be pursued.

... I say minority owners only to be very up front. I have fully funded all development to this point and also have a substantial investment in time (read: opportunity cost)... but I see a very significant upside. I'll trade a small amount of equity in the startup for your commitment to creating a totally new way people will look at things, especially history and web media. If WE achieve only moderate success, I believe even a minority slice will achieve superb value. I don't even want to think about what levels MIGHT be reached beyond that. This approach also leaves some room for outside equity, if needed.

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Was part OWNER in an Authorized Technical Education Center (ATEC) back in the day... different, huh?