Rick Bradley

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Rick's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Rick

Sophisticated tech and digital media studio . Launching game changing platforms for several industries.
Seeks motivated . biz-dev and sales leaders

Example. Videothankyoucard.com

Work on existing vertical or co-found a new one yet to be tapped

Not actively seeking capital, but strategic equity is always interesting

Think iTunes Netflix pandora ..
High quality ,scalable studio quality

To get a product overview

Start at 100xuniverse.com

We will make available priority pricing for start-ups who need video marketing.

Review products and video content

Relate well to Entrepenial mind set
With the discipline to execute

We have a highly evolved product mix and business model

If some one gets excited by the vision of a scalable new media powerhouse
Then we want to find a spot for them.

We are ready to start selling a video marketing platform that most of the major online
Companies that are marketing Smb products could benefit from

Companies like linkedin,godaddy ,Dex,web.com,yelp all attempt to provide marketing solutions to business.

We are the next generation of doing that with video at the hub that users do not have to
Learn to produce or hire a professional ..

The business world needs an easy ,affordable way to use compelling video

We have it ..