Dimitry Kislichenko , Intern

Riga, Latvia

Dimitry is looking for an internship

About Dimitry

Can commit to working

40 hours per week

Dates available

From 11/30/-0001 to 11/30/-0001


Will consider an unpaid internship

Recent accomplishments

Anubii - The geo-location based social network. The idea was simple. Find two people with similar interests that visit same places and have similar interests. The app was passively collection geo-location data, then mapping this data to physical places and then measuring probability that two users may interest and like each other. When such combination was found, the app was introducing them to each other. Something similar to "highlig", but came to this idea to myself when relocated to a new country and had problem with finding a new friends.

Mobicard - The wallet app for loyalty cards. Was quite successful in my country and collected about 10000 users. It was the #1 app in apple app store for few weeks in "free" category. It allowed you to import your plastic cards in your phone to save some of space in your wallet. I also developed bluetooth dongle that could be plugged in cache-machine which was able to read loyalty card remotely and simulate magnetic band reader.

YCraft - Marketplace for hand made products. Still in development stage.


About Dimitry

I like to learn and work with cutting-edge technologies, that’s my passion. That’s why I want to work on interesting and useful project with team of nice people with similar mind set.

I’ve worked on many projects, some were successful, some of them failed. So I have test of both sides, and I know how it could be hard to keep self and other motivated for long enough time.


Bachelor Degree

Computer Science

- 2010