Rikki Shanks

Takoradi, Ghana

Founder of Rent by Numbers Ltd
Rikki's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rikki

My background is in finance and change management. I'm an Accounting and Finance graduate and I've spent my whole career looking at making things easier and more efficient in the NHS and Investment Banking.

I first became involved in property over a decade ago, working as an estate agent before I went to university and then managing the student letting business for the largest local agent in my area whilst studying for my degree. This is when I first realised that property rental could be boiled down and honed into a simple, user-friendly process that anybody could follow, rather than having to rely on agents.

I founded Rent by Numbers in Oct 13 to create a system that will give control back to landlords and tenants by making DIY renting a viable choice. To date I have recruited and managed developers from different disciplines to bring this app within touching distance of beta. I'm looking to bring the right person on board now to lead ongoing development so all resources are in place before going to market and we can hit the ground running.

Work Experience


Rent by Numbers Ltd

October 2013 - December 2016