Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Rishiraj's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rishiraj

I am a computer engineering (by profession) and an aspiring filmmaker/producer (by passion).

A freak accident that resulted in injuries to both my eyes made me realize my passion for story telling.
Fortunately, I regained vision in one eye and blessed with a second chance, I jumped into film-making.
However, I soon realized that while film-making has become relatively accessible thanks to technology, the current distribution models are still quite inefficient. (esp for independent cinema).

Over the last year or so, I have been developing a platform that has the potential to not only improve the current state of global production of independent films, but also change the way such films are distributed and acknowledged.
In fact, if executed properly this idea can evolve into an independent industry in its own right, parallel to Hollywood/Bollywood. It can also

However, 'execution' is the key word here.
So I want to bring some key strategic collaborators on board who can help move the idea to the next level.

I am looking for
(a) Technical Officer
(b) Digital Marketing Specialist
(c) Marketing/Sales Officer

While I do have some specific skills that I have in mind, I do not want to list them out here, since I want to connect with anyone and everyone interested in the idea.
(Needless to say, you need to be extremely passionate about movies !)