Rithesh Chandra

Chennai, India

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Business Development
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First time founder

About Rithesh

Hey guys !!! My name is Rithesh Chandra as you can see that in my profile... I just got struck some idea in my head about cloud computing, I think which can change the game here in India, as there's gonna be a boom here in India in this industry I don't want to join late...it's better to capture the market as much as possible before the pool is filled.... yeah i know there's a lot competition here now itself and the GIANTS (Microsoft, IBM etc) are already seeking to jump into the competition, so many Indian companies are already in the competition, and they r doing well.... but they have their own advantages and disadvantages (every company has).... I think that i can provide the Indian audience something they need.... The affordability for common man which so many companies don't do in this industry here as there are soo many middle class people living in this country, who can't afford these services, as I too belong to a middle class family I know how difficult it is to afford these kind of services, the cloud companies only target some professionals and business companies in India (as per my research)... I can change that.... I just want that every common man/women should use the advantages of these kind of services, I want to make these services more affordable for them so that every city, every town, every village, every home can use these services, not only in India but all over the world. But I can't do it all alone right now :P, I need some help from people for my company, like CTOs ,some advisers, Financial experts, Technical Experts, and MAINLY Investors and etc. If u have any suggestions or you can give any kind of help please let me know..... that would be great. Whoever is reading this, thank you for your time. For more watch my video, it's not ready yet, but soon i'll upload it.