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Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Riyaj

I am a digital marketer and i have handled marketing for many web businesses. I have been a freelancer for 5+ years. I have limited experience with design and development. I am more inclined to digital ventures, but love brainstorming for any spaces. I am an idea guy and can help with brainstorming and product management.

Right now, i am involved in a saas app called SmartSERP(http://smartserp.com/) that helps with monitoring the performance of digital marketing, for agencies and internet based companies. We have a minimal product and some paying customers, but we are looking to speed up development and grow faster. So we are looking for a programmers/developers as cofounder, who can help us speed product development. We are a distributed(remote) team at the moment, so location won't be a problem. Most of our customers are from US and Europe, so we are open to work with people from those time zones. The more hours you can invest in, the better. We are also open to designers, who has UI/UX experience.

I’m also open to other challenge that i can be involved in minor way, where I can explore a variety of roles and help build something that will challenge the world. If your idea can benefit from internet space, i should definitely be able to help. I might not be able to invest too much hours though.