Rizwan Choudrey


London, United Kingdom

Founder, Geek
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About Rizwan

Used to work in investment banking but got bored and wanted to take control of my own destiny so struck out on my own!

Been working on a social media app for the last few years - a way to share reviews of anything you're into with friends. Likewise, you can follow their opinions on stuff as they're the ones who's opinions you trust the most (I value a single review from a friend far more than 10 anonymous reviews on a website).

I've coded up an MVP on Android in Java and put on a simple back-end using a NoSQL DB (Firebase). Me and my wife are using it, interestingly in quite different ways (me for reviews, her for recording how her day has gone and how well our son is eating)! I need to get it out to more people to build up validation and to start iterating but I'd like to improve it a touch first as it is lacking some core functionality like search, filtering etc. and it's a bit fragile. Unfortunately I don't have a back-end skill-set or the time to learn it as I'm using my time now to build up contacts on the investing and marketing sides.

Looking for a tech co-founder ideally with full-stack experience (although back-end is fine too if I help out on the front end) to take a critical look at my crappy app and make it better, plus start thinking about how to construct a connected platform which is needed for the core business model.

Looking for a marketing co-founder to help drive the user-growth strategy on the app side and construct a strategy for gaining customers on the business model side once the other platform is built.

Hit me up if you think this sounds interesting and exciting!


The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Albert Einstein

Work Experience

Executive Director

Goldman Sachs

March 2012 - April 2013

Strategist. Wrote trading algorithms for a prop desk in Stock Loan.

Vice President

Dresdner Kleinwort

January 2004 - September 2009

Quantitative Analyst. Wrote mathematical models to price derivatives, analyse risk.


University of Oxford

PhD in Machine Learning

1999 - 2002

Imperial College

MSci in Physics (1st)

1994 - 1998