Hollywood, Florida, US

Architect & Builder creating a design to withstand California Wildfires and the extreme temperatures
RK's Skills
Innovative Problem Solver
Architecture Design

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About RK

I am an Architect & Builder with in depth experience in design & construction and passionate about solving complex problems innovatively, sometimes in ways that others have not thought of.

I have been developing a design for a true "Fire Safe Home" (Fireproof), one that will protect occupants (people & animals) from the California wildfires and the extreme heat (+1,800° F) these wildfires produce.

I still have research and development, engineering and testing to do, and I'm striving toward patenting a few ideas.

I am searching for an Angel Investor, Venture Capitalists, etc.


"We Are What We Repeatedly Do; Excellence, Then, Is Not An Act But a Habit." - Aristotle

Work Experience

Owner, Principle

RK Builders, Inc / RK Architect PA

May 1997 - Today

Architect & Building Contractor - hands on experience with Renovations up to an 80 million Hotel Resort as the Architect and Construction Project Manager, designed custom pre-stress concrete forms for fabrication of building components, developed fast track system which cut construction time by 25%. Approved Builder for the Sprayrock stand up wall system and currently focusing on design and construction of single family homes from 750 K to 2 mil.