Durham, North Carolina, US

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Product Management

About RMD

Here is the scoop: I've been working on a site that lets people find fun things to do on weekends. The MVP is coming along nicely. In addition, I inked a deal with a ticket seller that will give us access to ticket inventory of over 10,000 events. As bonus, they do all the ecom in a white label environment so we don't have to build a shopping cart.

In addition to the selling tickets, the plan is to offer a range of premium services to anyone who want it. Otherwise the site is free and people can find events, or post events, for zip.

There are lots of similar sites out there - for example Eventbrite or Eventful. However, this is a $5B market and there is room to both innovate and disrupt. I believe what I am working on is filling a gap in the current market.

I am looking for a front-end engineer to take over so I can focus more on the backend and partnerships. Front-end is Bootstrap, vanilla JavaScript (e.g., no framework), some JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. Backend is LAMP.

Ping me if you are interested and we can go from there!