Rob Carpenter

San Francisco, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About Rob

I am a marketer and salesmen with a passion for great product, customer experience, and design.

Most recently I was the VP of Marketing at (YCS14), before that the Director of Marketing for I've lead marketing at 20+ early stage startups as the lead of a plug-in marketing team for startups as well. I can be responsible for leading all forms of business growth. More recently, I've developed a strong enough skill set in UI/UX design for me to call myself a decent designer as well.

I am interested in meeting a CTO/cofounder for a startup I am in the midst of launching. will be a tech company that pairs early-stage startups with a dedicated growth marketing manager, best-in-class marketing software, proven lean marketing processes, and complete transparency on service performance through an online dashboard. The customer experience will be predominantly delivered through technology. We will build our own tools in-house, and eventually sell these as SaaS. It will be a hub-and-spoke business model, where businesses will signup for managed Hitshop services, and then continue to use Hitshop products even after using our services. Or, companies will signup for our products, and be drawn to our services.

If building growth marketing software is something you could become passionate about, then let's chat.

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