Rob Jameson

Kingston, New York, US

Rob's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rob

My name is Rob Jameson and I am zen entrepreneur, strategist, and multi-media storyteller.

I am currently CEO and co-founder at a startup called Mass Mosaic ( I'm also teaching and speaking more and am finding it very rewarding! In the past, I’ve founded multiple triple bottom line companies, produced dozens of online marketing campaigns and websites, directed/produced 60+ promotional films, and advised 50+ businesses on strategic growth using web, collaboration, and community.

In the last 10 years, I’ve formalized my knowledge of over 35 creative programs and management methodologies,and have broadly-tested best practices for building and managing businesses, teams, and creative projects. I am grateful to help entrepreneurs and artists to bring visions to life!

I love to help communities, startups, artists, and innovators reach their dreams and better the world. I am passionate about helping teams deliver their life's mission.


I am currently looking for a lead developer for Mass Mosaic.