Rob K

New York, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Rob

We are building a democratized financial analysis platform where investors can use powerful tools to analyze, track and share investment ideas. The problem we are addressing is that there isn't an adequate product offering for investors who aren't going to pay for high end software like Bloomberg or Reuters. Koyfin’s product is based on three principles:
(1) Functionality: Investing is more than looking at stock prices, which is the bulk of the functionality delivered by easily-accessed research tools like Yahoo Finance and Ameritrade. Investors are also interested in fundamentals like margins and valuation, or how a company is spending its cash flow. Characteristics like percentage of shares owned by hedge funds, or short interest are also relevant.
(2) Visualization: Investors want to visualize and interact with data instead of looking at static numbers and prepared reports. It’s possible to find fundamental information in research reports but investors often want to look at trends, not absolute numbers. Koyfin is designed on the principle that charts are more powerful than absolute numbers and visualization is a key part of our product.
(3) Accessibility: Existing products that provide higher levels of functionality are often very expensive (particularly because they provide much more functionality than the average investor would need) and/or very hard for a non-professional investor to use. Koyfin is web-based and the basic version is free so that investors can easily access the product. We’ve designed the usability so that novice or sophisticated investors can use it easily and effectively.
Our target market is investors such as financial advisers, registered investment advisers and high net worth individuals who don’t have access to high cost investment software but seek the ability to conduct sophisticated analyses.

I have 15 years of experience on Wall Street analyzing equity, options and macro investments. I've used almost every software available for analyzing investments and I believe there is a big opportunity to create a better solution. My previous roles also focused on presenting ideas to traders and portfolio managers so I'm keenly focused on aesthetics and a creating a program which is intuitive and easy to use.

To compliment my skill set, I'm looking for a partner with the technical skills to help me build this vision. Someone with experience as a developer or engineer at a current financial analysis company like Bloomberg or Factset could be a fit. Or someone working as a programmers/quant/strat at an investment bank could be another fit. The perfect candidate will have experience with building tools for investment analysis and data visualization.