Rob Mathewson

Seattle, Washington, US

Rob's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rob

I started Geedra with a co-founder. I'm a bus dev/marketing guy and he's the domain expert in construction. We have a gaping hole in our technology capabilities and need a tech co-founder to join us. We are on the precipice of tackling an industry-wide problem that's been a hundred years in the making. But our lack of in-house capability has hamstrung our ability build and iterate (working with outside vendors sucks!)

Our business in a nutshell: Geedra is a cloud-based Visual Process Improvement Platform for construction that uses a suite of mobile apps to improve the profitability of projects by capturing the individual knowledge of top performers and automatically delivering it in context to others at a relevant time and place.

A summary of our existing work
-Website for existing web SaaS:
-new mobile MVP demo (due for beta release 4/2013):
-Platform Demo:

What we need: Somebody who can absorb our plans, goals and aspirations and then build the architecture and team necessary to allow us to pursue clients and cultivate strategic partners within the construction industry.

What we have to offer:
-A huge business problem that we have identified and validated with some of the largest general contractors in the industry.
-Those same general contractors waiting for us to release a product.
-A rare opportunity to test and iterate our product with several very large construction projects literally right in our backyard in South Lake Union. (Each is already using our web product.)
-Free office space in South Lake Union through September 2013.
-A complete willingness to give the right tech co-founder the freedom to asess the work we've done to date and use or replace it as he/she sees fit.