Rob Mayzes

London, United Kingdom

Founder and CEO at SoundSwap
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About Rob

Since my graduation in 2014 I have been working in various positions within the industry, and from working closely with a range of musicians and audio engineers I noticed a common problem. When somebody needs an instrument, or a microphone, they must either borrow from a friend under vague terms (which can lead to conflict), or hire from a professional rental company (which is an expensive and lengthy process).

At the same time I noticed that many people have expensive equipment that they only use on rare occasions, and most of the time it sits there collecting dust.

From these two problems I realised an obvious solution. With the growing peer-to-peer market, an increasing trust in strangers worldwide and many successful business based on the new concept of sharing economy (airBnB, Lyft etc), I believe now is the perfect time to launch this service.

Due to my expertise in the customer segment, I have a large network available to me as well as an in depth knowledge of the customer archetype - their problems, their needs and their routines. I am also familiar with many of the key blogs, journals and trade shows associated with potential influencers and advocates.

On a business level, I was Co-Founder and President of a society at university that grew to become the largest on campus due to my emphasis on professional digital branding and marketing. We won ‘Society of the Year 2013’, 'KSCV Gold Award' for volunteering, and were nominated for ‘Best New Society 2012’.

I was also Co-Founder and Managing Director of an independent game development company. I led the company and managed a team of people to see the project through to completion. Additionally I created high quality audio for a game through a combination of field recording, Foley and electronic synthesis. Unfortunately the company disbanded after our first release as we all went our separate ways after graduating.

I made several mistakes during my time in these positions, but I also learnt some valuable lessons. I am now ready to raise my game and I feel confident in my current position at SoundSwap.

Work Experience

Founder and CEO


April 2015 - December 2016