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New York, New York, US

Looking to partner on mobile app/biz
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About Rob P

Business/Product Goal:
I’m looking to build a social app and business with a focus on live streaming. There’s a clear interest in the marketplace for consuming live streaming content, but existing businesses do not have a strong monetization strategy. With that in mind I’ve designed a more targeted product which will be entertaining and useful for consumers while having strong B2C revenue streams. This will be more than an app, it will be a large business. This product is targeted at helping to strengthen businesses in a sector of the economy which is very large, but struggling due to competitive pressures. This is an area where businesses are actively investing and looking for solutions to turn things around which provides an exciting opportunity. For the same reason, this product and strategy makes a great story which will resonate with VCs and other investors. Revenue will be non advertising based. The MVP has custom features built in conjunction with a live streaming component.

Who I’m looking to find:
I'm looking for a partner who is interested in the potential of live streaming and has the technology skills to work with me to build a team to develop this. In a perfect world this partner could develop the MVP themselves, but most important to me is to have a partner that is passionate and technically knowledgeable about what we are trying to accomplish and will manage the technology build regardless of how it’s done – additional equity partners, freelancers, employees, outsourced etc. We can figure that out together. I have seed capital and there are live streaming vendors like Wowza Media that may get us going with less development effort. Once we have an MVP the size of this effort would require us to look for additional funding and additional staff or partners.

About me:
The majority of my career has been in financial technology working in investment banking. I began my career as a developer and have many years of experience managing large application development teams, multi-million dollar budgets and delivering on large complex projects. I have also worked in the product development space and honed a good business sense for delivering technology products for clients.
I love getting inside the heads of customers and clients, designing products, developing business strategies and executing! I have passion for creative thinking, business planning and strategy, solving problems, improving things, efficiency, learning, discovery and getting into the details. I'm also a roll your sleeves up kind of guy so I'm always ready to do whatever needs to be done to keep moving forward.

Good luck in whatever you are hoping to accomplish.