Robbie Salter

New York, New York, US

Senior Executive at MediaLink
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About Robbie

My personal, professional and educational endeavors have all be centered around driving big ideas with small teams.

My entrepreneurial career started at the University of Michigan, where I launched two local, student-focused companies. After graduating, I sold both companies (one broke-even, the other helped me pay for school) and headed to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment.

I hustled hard and ultimately locked up a gig at a well-known film and television production company, where I learned the ropes of the business and started to dabble in digital work. After taking a one year sabbatical from the entertainment industry to tend to family health issues, I returned to Los Angeles for a job at another production company, though this time one that had a much stronger focus on producing digital products.

Ultimately, my experience at BermanBraun lead me to discover the great shift in landscape from traditional media outlets to the internet, and re-kindled the entrepreneurial fire inside me.

That took me to Northwestern Law and Business School, where I've been spending the past 2.5 years honing my ability to smartly analyze and launch digital businesses. Outside activities and a part-time job at a digital agency, doejo, gave me further insight into the do's and don'ts of startups.

Now, with graduation looming and a move to NYC imminent, I'm fiercely chasing ideas, and doing everything I can to link up with smart folks to both challenge my ideas AND hear theirs.

Work Experience

Senior Executive


April 2014 - December 2016