Robbie Sharma

Edmonton, Canada

Engineer & Drone reliabilty expert looking for cofounder & data scientist to help make drones safer
Robbie's Skills
Building Strong Relationships
Business Networking
Reliability Engineering
Data Science
Unmanned Vehicles
Project Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About Robbie

Our company provides the "Check Engine" light for commercial drone operators. We have a platform that tells operators when drones will fail, when to repair, maintain and replace.

1 in 7 drones crash due to accidents and malfunctions and this will be a serious problem in the next 5 years. Our mission is to make drone operations safer and reliable as we target a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.

I'm an experienced mechatronics engineer with deep knowledge of the drone and unmanned vehicle industries.

15 years software development experience and 10 years experience in sales management.

My passions are in STEM education, competitive sports and engineering projects and open-source/open data initiatives.

My goal is to build a skilled, driven and culturally-fit team that is passionate about solving global issues affecting the drone and unmanned vehicle space.

Raising $500K convertible note for accelerated business development, technology enhancements and to leverage $655K in government grants and subsidies. I have committed investments.

Expertise: Embedded C/C++, Python, IoT System Design, B2B Sales, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Project Management


"The most important person in your gym is your partner" - Kru Bonde

Work Experience

Sales & B2B Consulting, Call Centre Supervision

Bell, Telus, Convergys

January 2004 - January 2010

Progressive career in sales and customer service.

Systems Engineer & Researcher

UBC, ClearVision, Ledcor, Teleflex

January 2012 - January 2015

Various engineering roles involving embedded systems programming, web applications, data analytics and mechatronics systems design.

IoT Systems Engineering Consultant

RSAPD Technical Consulting

January 2015 - Today

Provided embedded systems design services, primarily for IoT projects from concept to production. Experience with STM32, TIVA TM4c, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and oDroid systems.


University of British Columbia

BASc. Mechanical Engineering

2010 - 2014