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Did I lose you yet?

Attention is not easily held these days.   But here: 

Question:  Number of web site platforms out there to easily find public activities-events-arts & entertainment (A/E) specifically tailored to your liking?  

Answer: Zero 

The goal:  Build one !

The What:  ultimately to create a brand-powerful A/E reference-directory website……..unique, exclusive, domineering……dependence creating.  Of A/E, we define it, capture it, slice and dice it then regurgitate it on our terms to form a site with an outlay of A/E accurate, encompassing, manageable, engaging and poly-specific with multiple means for finding that which interests individuals, groups and communities to fill the great void in this now indiscernible landscape.  This site architects a new landscape in becoming an indispensable public resource.   

Here’s where I lose you………………………….sample listing of public events:

Concerts, sporting events, parades, movies, shows, exhibits, holiday displays, markets, fundraisers, health events, food tastings, nature events, public outings, announcements, memorials, city, county, township, state sponsored events, fairs,  building demolitions, time capsule openings, singles groupings,  couples groupings, kids groupings animal groupings, parties, inaugurals, open houses, festivals, reunions, parks and recreation A/E,  water, land and air A/E, reenactments, tournaments, conferences,  trade shows, galas, debates, public speaking, town halls, campaign A/E,  auctions, tours, christenings,  grand openings, final days A/E, appreciation days, fitness A/E, séances, gambling (real, play), get togethers , funerals, school and college A/E, religious gatherings, clubs, anonymous, self-help/ discussion/networking groups, promotions, demos, games, dances,  clubs, bingo, theater, hobbyists, ethnic festivals, volunteer groups, partnership activities, sewing gigs,garage sales, block parties, theme/amusement parks, museums, job fairs, auditions, tours, fashion shows and business/corporate/ Chambers of Commerce  public and “flash”  events to name a few.   Anything and everything open to, say, 5 or more people.

(Wipe your eyes now.)

Even a "what do we feel like doing tonight" inquiry is easily answered by a tailored criteria of distance, subject, cost and time constraints accounted for .   i.e. we'd like to find live music, low cover, within 3 miles after 9 tonight.  

Options pop up !!!!! Never miss an event again for not knowing.

Above all: This is an information site !!! Information can bring dollars.

Much is explained in my 5000+ proposal/narrative, which conveys the passion and will convince the budding entrepreneur.  There's much, much more within. 

Who doesn't like specifics?    

You and I communicate and click - must click.  I send idea to read.  You love it !!


1.  Form an intense in-sync team  2. Pitch/Prototype build  3. Traction and  4. Funding. 

Always ready to speak with eager-for-life individuals, the intelligent work hard, play hard type.  Inquiries welcome.   Willing to meet/move for the right situation.

Remember: once begun, half done.



BBA Banking and Finance

2016 - 2016