robert carter

Bellevue, Washington, US

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Product Management

About robert

I'm a long-time product guy that has done stints as program and technical management. I have a startup idea variations of which I've been kicking around for a couple of years, but now is the time...

I'm looking a technical co-founder and partner to help me build out the tools (currently mostly iOS and web) for a business centered around independent retailers and a corresponding consumer app. I want to enable all the core "jobs to be done" of retailing to be delivered entirely on an iPad (although it doesn't have to be entirely native).

Looking for a real partner ($ is welcome, too, of course, but hardly required; salary is possible too, but I'm bootstrapping right now so...). Personality fit is important; I want to enjoy being in the trenches and fighting the good fight.

Here's hoping! Thanks for your consideration :)