Robert Desmarais

Marketing, Programming, Business Development

Detroit, Michigan, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Robert

I have 25 years of experience working in the software industry. I’ve launched several startups and have worked at some of the largest software vendors in the world in both delivery and in executive capacities. I’ve worked directly with numerous major retailers and many other well-known brands to plan their brand experiences and launch/manage their eCommerce businesses. I have numerous contacts across a range of industries that spans an entire career of building and selling enterprise software and SaaS solutions.

Let’s put my experience and resources to work. I’m looking to network with founders that have terrific product solutions and/or ideas and need experience and resources to get to the next level... whatever that may be. If you have a product that addresses a quantifiable need in the market that can be delivered in SaaS subscriber model, and are looking for an experienced founder/partner with resources to help you get to the next level, we definitely should connect. Please reach out to me any time… I promise to respond promptly.