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New York, New York, US

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Hi l am currently participating in a business plan competition for my business concept and looking forward to build my core team. I consider myself an entrepreneur with knowledge of finance (I am also learning about coding) at this moment I am looking for a technical partner to help me develop an idea that I have for an online multi-functional freelance platform (a technical cofounder is better than a small army of freelancers & interns) I learned about the Lean Start-up" principles and I plan to bootstrap this to test if there is a market for it or not. I have several ideas I would like to develop in the areas of telemarketing , online retail,(e-commerce), dating, social networking and crowd funding. All I need is a team of trustworthy people (no more than 4) with expertise in the areas I am lacking in the moment (technical, viral marketing) to invest in "sweat equity" and work in those areas of my plan in which I cant work on myself. I am willing to put part of my money to incubate it and of course put as much of my effort and time as I possibly can into this project (I work so I will have to moonlight on this). Thanks




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