Robert Lewis

Seoul, South Korea

Founder & director, Prepped | Previously cofounder, Akademia
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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

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About Robert

ABOUT ME: I'm a permanent Korean resident, the director of a well established SAT/ACT academy in Apgujeong, and an Ed.M graduate of Harvard University.

ABOUT YOU: You're my future partner, a tech founder who shares a goal of truly personalized learning that merges the affordances of highly targeted, data-driven, adaptive learning with the motivational power of a 1:1 teacher-student mentoring relationship.

THE PHASE-1 PLAN: We plan out & build an online component that would supplement and/or provide an alternative to my academy's successful in-person test prep classes. Initial subjects would be SAT and ACT, and product would feature both synchronous and asynchronous lessons as well as scaffolded exercises on atomic-level concepts clustered hierarchically.

THE LONG-TERM PLAN: I'm looking for our online services to act as a financial engine for future growth outside test prep, and believe that there is unlimited potential in the relatively unexplored area of personalized, adaptive learning in English and ESL. Mapping out the geography of a finite system (the SAT) and charting a student's quickest path towards a destination sets up well to do likewise with the larger, messier, through still rigidly constructed and rule-based system of English.


Harvard University

Ed.M Technology, Innovation, and Education

2014 - 2015