Robert L. Ferrante

North Haven, Connecticut, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Robert

This should be of interest to entrepreneurs who understand and adhere to a "shared value" business model, i,e,.identify a pressing social or health need and serve it well for profit.

A bit about me. Have more than 25 years of experience in marketing communications and investor relations at top New York Metro firms serving such clients as Gillette, Procter & Gamble, Council Of Better Business Bureau and smaller companies. Also operated a sole consultancy for more than 12 years counseling small and medium size firm on growth planning including mergers & acquisitions and recruiting.

Seek to partner with a hands-on website development entrepreneur to help complete content for health & wellness website-based membership & e-commerce business targeting a mind body spirit segment, two-thirds of whom are women. Also, partner will help launch the site, ensure maximum visitor and member satisfaction and a continuous supply of fresh content from third-party contributors. Perhaps serve as spokesperson with national media, including talk shows, since I tend to not relish the spotlight. This is a work of some passion for me since I have personal experience with the intended audience's needs.

You could be an introvert like me who has leaned to mingle well in an often frenetic business world and even stand up and speak your mind, perhaps a bit jittery at first, but then effectively as along as you feel at-home & enthusiastic about the subject. You like diving into a subject and staying focused until you've made it the best it can be. Or you may be an extrovert who has learned to listen well and buys in whole hog to a worthy venture and then energetically gets it in shape to "sell" and then goes out and sells the heck out of it as a happy ambassador. Makes no difference, what's essential is the enthusiasm and all-in buy in.

This web-site-based business is well-along in its construction. The site developer has provided screen shots which I can gladly share at the right time. All the best in finding what you love, Robert