robert sladen

Manchester, Connecticut, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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My name is Rob Sladen and I am a part time UCONN MBA student. I am working on a mobile application that caters to professionals, allowing soon to be friends to meet up naturally and spontaneously. In 2012 the top 10 online dating sites, which captured a large piece of the 1 billion dollars spent by 40 million Americans users, all had three things in common. They continue to feature 1 on 1 awkward blind dating, too much work, and too much time to set up a rather unnatural encounter. To myself, and to the people I have interviewed, a natural encounter would be meeting a potential future date in a group setting and being able to learn and laugh with the person before their actual date. And while online dating sites say they cater to the single who lives a hectic life, friends that use call it a part time job. My app will enable users to set something up for a Friday night spontaneously, even minutes before the face-to-face. Our app will allow friends to form their groups, share their pictures, connect with other groups if they like what they see, and use group texts to figure out if meeting up is something they want to do, all in a real-time spontaneous time bound. I am looking for developers and designers with whom I can share the user case scenario, create some excitement and form a team.