Robert Spaulding

Lincoln, Nebraska, US

Robert's Skills
Product Management

About Robert

Researcher-Product/Apps Ideas-Synergy. I currently have approximately 20 product/apps ideas in the mix. (no, we will not be working on the apocalypse/rapture flash drive....) The app I would like to work on at this workshop would require possible partnering with Google at some point and maybe a game developer. The concept is simple but the details are where the execution gets "interesting". The market timing is tough as it would have to be rolled out worldwide in as short a time as possible or miss the market share you'd need for this to be successful.

Idea-concept-design-marketing are areas I have a fair handle on. The software and web development is where I would like partnering. Someone who has worked with gaming graphics/rendering engine/3D, large image data bases, and other gaming design engines.