Robert Zmudzinski

Phoenix, Arizona, US

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Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Robert

I excel at architecture and project management - defining a system, cutting it up into manageable pieces that can be done either "in house" or farmed out. If done correctly in small well defined pieces there is great savings to be had by taping the global freelance market - small and well defined is the key. I also code hands on in several languages. I love working in the mobile and web space and am equally comfortable creating products with windows or linux backends - Android, Apple, and Web browser front ends. Location based services (bluetooth & GPS), Chat, and VOIP are always of interest. I'm looking for individuals to collaborate with. I love to hear new ideas as well as present my own - combining, improving and, building upon them. I live to have a project that is all consuming - that makes me hop out of bed as soon as my eyes open. Food, shelter and, clothing are all well and good but it's sense of purpose that makes life worth living. A strong compass is always better than a map. Maps can have errors, they become obsolete but a sold compass will always get you there.


Iona College

Computer Science

1998 - 1998

Co-working Space

Gangplank Chandler

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