Roberto Perez Hernandez

Caracas, Venezuela

Roberto's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Roberto

Creating great ideas and improving them, or any other, is the best way to describe some of my top skills. I have 2 years in the Start-up world and I'm proud to say that I have been semi-finalist when applying to FounderFuel, I was accepted into the first class of the Extreme Startups' Founders Academy, and I was also accepted into a pre-accelerator based in Miami. Why was I finally turned down on all of them? Because I didn't have a tech co-founder or the guy who had that job didn't want to take some risks (flying to another country). Bottom line, it was a big mistake for me to apply without the right technical co-founder.

But now I want to make things right, and I need you to complete the best team ever! I also find attractive the idea of finding a Marketer who has a real comprehension of the US marketplace (is not a must to live there). I'm from Venezuela and I have knowledge of the Latin American market, so we, combined, can have an incredible outreach for our projects!

Due to the circumstances, I have learned a little bit about coding: HTML, CSS, JS; although my current website is based on WordPress. Right now I'm running my own business in my country and, let me tell you, people is loving it. In just a couple of weeks I have sold more than 4 thousand dollars, even though is a tough market.

I'm looking for the ideal candidate, who should be proactive, a dreamer but also with his/her feet on the ground, and last but not least, I don't like lies. I think there's always a way to say the truth without hurting other's feelings.

So, wait no more and let's make the best projects come true! Thanks for reading!