Robin Allemand

Beijing, China

Robin's Skills
Business Development

About Robin

I'm looking for a developer in China (either ex-pat or Chinese) who has experience building e-commerce or social network iOS apps/websites. In an ideal world, you'd become the technical lead. Someone with a passion for start-ups.

A bit about me:
I'm a Duke MBA graduating in Dec, 2014. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and love working with like-minded people!

My value-add profile is unique and in a somewhat niche market—the sports industry in China. Because of the way business skills are ubiquitous across industries in China, my skills are adaptable across industries. My professional skills include:

1) Sports marketing professional (4+ years)
2) Business development and strategy in China (4+ years)
3) Government relationship building (4+ years)
4) Sponsorship / sales; account manager (2 years)
5) On camera: TV color commentator for sports games, reporter (4+ years)
6) Mastery of multiple languages and cultures, speak Mandarin, French and Spanish
7) Co-founder in sports app start-up (