Rochelle Kopp

San Francisco, California, US

Japanese business culture expert and cross-cultural communications specialist

About Rochelle

My area of expertise is Japanese culture and business practices, particularly Japanese communication style and organizational behavior and decision-making in Japanese firms. The goal of my work is to help Americans and Japanese who are working together increase mutual understanding and strengthen their business relationships.

I gained firsthand experience of Japanese corporate culture when I lived in Japan and worked at the Tokyo headquarters of a major Japanese financial institution. Since that time, as a consultant I have worked closely with numerous Japanese companies of various sizes and in a wide variety of industries, including many of Japan’s most prominent firms. I bring these first-hand insights into my seminars and consulting. I also work frequently with American firms that have Japanese customers, joint venture partners, and suppliers, or a entering the Japanese market.

One of my current focuses is helping firms both from Japan and other countries build their teams and strengthen their HR infrastructure in the United States. I have a particular interest in helping firms and entrepreneurs from overseas understand and thrive in the unique culture of Silicon Valley.

Work Experience

Managing Principal

Japan Intercultural Consulting

July 1994 - December 2016




1982 - 1986

University of Chicago


1990 - 1992


Level 1 Japanese Proficiency Test

Japanese Government