Atlanta, Georgia, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About ROD

I am creating a start-up, that will compete against all the elite internet companies, I need to find an energetic, ready to execute programmer/developer, who wants create something that is great, but also a company that has longevity. I created that plan that will change the social media as we know it, but also to enhance the end-user experience, I have created a diverse company so that this company never get's dull and so that we can enter in different markets, that i feel can be improved.
I don't wanna waste anyone's time, but I have come with what can be the game changer. I have created a plan to do a start-up that that has 3 phases as the company scales, the first is an online marketplace that would compete against E-bay, including a payment system, which would transition in to all three phases, the next is a social media company, that challenges Facebook, which I cal the (facebook killer), I say this because facebook is not a social media company, and so far no one has actually created a true social media company, from my observance these sites are for narcissistic individuals posting pics about theme selves, so what i have done is, created what i call "social entertainment" , where, it is meant to share information that pertains to the communities and cities of users, based on events in that region, a I have a good concept as to how to attract advertisers, and then there is the third phase of a Geo-fences technology, that could allow small business too operate like a large corporation this all is my 5 yr. plan, summarized in a nutshell.