Roddi Simpson

New York, New York, US

Roddi's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Roddi

17 year medtech research and development veteran. Engineer, inventor and project manager with the #1 and #2 global medtech corporations. Driven to fix the broken medtech outsourcing experience for the growing ~$25B product development market.

The MVP was launched Nov 16th and the first paying order completed Dec 14th for a leading fortune 500 corporation. Potential seven figure deal being quoted. Using what has been learned to build next release.

I am seeking an experienced and highly talented Tech Co-founder with interests in the areas of buyer and seller profile development and deal matchmaking algorithm and process development. You will take over responsibility for building the next release product and guiding the ongoing development and integration of Customer and Supplier Performance and Attribute Data and Matching Methods and Algorithms. Having bootstrapped an MVP to achieve first paying customer I am quickly reaching my technical and physical limits!

The company location following the initial virtual phase is flexible within the east coast. NYC and Boston are the top options based on tech and medtech talent though open to a good persuasive argument.


The University of Glasgow

BS Mech Eng with Computer Integration

1997 - 1997


10 Years Held PMP (Certified Project Management Professional)


Founder Institute