Rodney Michael

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US

Rodney's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Rodney

Ours is an opportunity to be part of an amazing startup in an industry that is well positioned for a “hack”. We believe the technology revolution has passed the timber industry. It’s a trade that remains inefficient, expensive, and archaic. It lacks the simplicity of having “one place” where it can connect, learn, and do business. We’re building that “one place.” We are Treely, the nation’s first online marketplace for the timber industry.

An online destination where professionals and consumers can learn about timber, sell timber, buy timber, invest in timber and timberland, connect with the right partners to maximize their investment, experience logistical efficiencies, and more. Ultimately, Treely will provide the platform that will power the ability to trade timber as a commodity and embrace it’s awesomeness.

We’ve researched the industry from every vantage point, listened to the trade’s professionals to understand their stress points and concerns, we’ve queried consumers and have been able to grasp their confusion about timber and how it fits into our economy.. their economy.
I am not a technical person, but, I have created an early demo and have a plan in place and am now ready for a fully developed MVP to power our company into the marketplace.

I am a member of Startup.SC, a startup incubator located in Myrtle Beach. As a member of their second cohort, I’ve been able to methodically validate the need in the industry and formulate my entry into this space. As well, we are positioning ourselves to begin fundraising efforts.

I have an extensive, successful run in the real estate industry, have built several brokerages from scratch and developed marketing strategies over that time that recognized and captured niches. I have a seasoned insight into the forestry industry and have family and friends that are involved in the trade. The skill sets, understanding of the industry, and passion are in place to lead, along with my Cofounder, and build Treely into that “one place” where timber can connect and fully realize the benefits of technology.

My Cofounder would have the backend & frontend developer skills to create our amazing platform so that we can infuse Treely into the $230 billion dollar a year timber industry. I am searching for someone who enjoys learning to learn, can embrace the pursuit of resolve, and is comfortable with necessary pivots. For that “one” I will entertain an equity, salaried, contract or a combination thereof.