Rodney PhD

San Francisco, California, US

Data Scientist Executive I Entrepreneur I Machine Learning Strategist
Rodney's Skills
Business Development

About Rodney

My career goal is to improve people's lives at the junctures of machine learning and global health.

I'm a results-driven professional focused on building world-class machine learning products, improving clinical outcomes and growing companies at scale.

From a business and leadership perspective I have a strong history of:
• identifying and unlocking data-driven insights for social and clinical benefit
• building robust revenue streams at scale
• building cross-functional team excellence
• driving cost-savings for hospitals, radiology departments and health systems

From a machine learning perspective, I have a strong history of:
• machine learning algorithm development
• API development
• clinical system integration
• aligning machine learning with clinical user experience

We often approach disease as a barren diagnostic image or electronic patient record. Using machine learning, data science and the realities of clinical workflow I wish to piece back together this larger human diagnostic and preventative picture.

Organizations have included machine learning start ups, data initiatives, hospital imaging departments, nutrition and dietary clinics, orthopedic and physical therapy clinics, teleradiology and radiology companies, modality and device manufacturers,drug development, public health, multi speciality medical practices, IDNs, independent hospitals, outpatient centers, FQCHCs

Specialties: Machine learning and deep learning algorithm development and leadership, healthcare leadership, data science, community health centers (FQCHCs), social entrepreneurship in data science, organizational design and reengineering, start ups, UI/UX clinical design, writing and public presentations, capital formation, structured medical languages and terminologies, translational informatics, telemedicine and teleradiology.

Work Experience

Senior Clinical Data Scientist & VP of Radiology

Enlitic Inc

October 2014 - April 2016