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New York, New York, US

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Hi everyone! We are in early stages of fleshing out ideas for 2 new ventures, both in the area of political intelligence and infrastructure, and are looking for a technical co-founder(s) to join the team.

The first is a web-based platform to give any type of organization - regardless of size or sophistication - the campaign finance tools and infrastructure currently only available to highly sophisticated political organizations. This is a novel idea that currently does not exist in the market, and from a technical perspective it will touch on payments, APIs, off-web direct messaging, process automation and other challenging areas.

The second is a web-based platform to aggregate, analyze, and visualize data related to the political stance (or potential stance) of a group or person (politicians, advocacy organizations, corporations, etc.) in a way that allows advanced analysis of current legislation and issues. Again, after extensive research we believe this is a unique and value-added model compared to what is currently available.

Both ideas have clear business models incorporated and a planned path to monetization; we are building out the ideas because we believe in them both as a product and as a business. Both ventures are complimentary; we are open to developing one at a time or concurrently as a firm with multiple products.

One team member has a background in finance, consulting, risk management, and business strategy with 1 successful startup exit under his belt. The other comes from a legal, political, and lobbying background. Together we bring a combination of strategy and domain expertise.

We are looking for a seasoned developer - with an eye for design - who wants to join as a cofounder from the ground up. We are happy to bring on the right person as a full parter with equal equity distribution. The ideal person would not only have experience designing and implementing dynamic websites and applications, but would also feel comfortable making executive decisions in terms of technology and design. Full stack, comfortable with leveraging out-of-the box solutions (especially for payments systems) and APIs, and hopefully some knowledge of data analytics & science.

Feel free to reach out and we look forward to hearing from you!


Amerian University

JD (part time)

2015 - 2015

Concordia University, John Molson School of Business

Bachelor of Commerce

2011 - 2011