Sarasota, Florida, US

Founder, Cofounder and hands-on manager with six-sense for opportunities, and identify market voids
ROGER's Skills
Business Development
Product Management


• Serial entrepreneur with business partnering expertise.
• Known for leading B2B/B2C software products to market.
• Modern-day business development disrupter helping legacy industries struggling to make the necessary changes and how to extract the greatest value from it.
• Always curious about how to achieve the objectives by reframing the problems.


"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." - Chris Grosser

Work Experience



January 1990 - October 1999

• Start-up custom publisher of pre-printed inserts bound into 200 different US Yellow Page directory's. • Weekly business and entertainment newspaper publisher Both businesses acquired

Managing Director

NewEra Strategies

November 1999 - September 2004

• Digital media consultant to Fortune 1000 media firms. • Acting EVP Business Development for industry consulting digital resellers, analytic firms. Business Acquired



October 2004 - March 2016

• Twelve years managing digital marketplace for buyers and sellers representing three national associations ad inventory from 47 US publishers' marketed to and thousands of buyer agencies. • Twelve years originating and managing MarTech digital management platform stack software for search, workflow and analytics for agencies, publishers and digital resellers. Business Acquired

Managing Director


January 2011 - Today

Insight Practice Firm. Consulting digital media and technology for Fortune 100 Companies and managing traditional and new media entities, including artificial intelligence start-up. Digital and technology disruptors have changed the world today; buyers are now in control of the purchasing steps. Prospects and customers are more self-reliant when it comes to purchase decisions. They know they can go online, browse a few websites, read reviews, and reach out to their social networks gathering data on their purchase plans in NO TIME! Using relevant insight content stimulates the buyer gaining their attention deploying a non-threatening sales approach. In fact, research reveals 70% of BTB buyers prefer getting to know a company via content insights rather than ads, but more importantly it nurtures your targets closer to your rep and you, by helping them sort through the overwhelming volume of web-data they’ve collected! Seventy-eight percent of business buyers believe that organizations nurturing with targeted insight are more trust-worthy and interested in building long-term relationships with them. Reps, as the resource of thought-leadership programs help them ingratiate themselves with their customers and prospects. Insight2Sales Methodology Insight2Sales was developed in 2011 to help nurture reps, customers and prospects with insights that drive more-qualified sales-ready leads, quickening the close days, and avoiding price negotiations.


University of Minnesota


1984 - 1989

Fairfield University

Bachelor of Arts Business Admin: Marketing & Innovative Technology

1990 - 1994


Challenger Selling

Challenger Sales CEB

DNA Behavior Instructor

DNA Behaviors