Roger visionary

San Francisco, California, US

CRO CMO SVP Sales Growth & Marketing Leader Specializing In Software,Technology & Mobile Achieving Exceptional Results
Roger's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Roger

I'm brought in to "Make Things Happen, " and I excel at creating strategies, managing and scaling sales, marketing, and business development organizations for mobile, online, adtech, fintech, SaaS software, enterprise, internet of things, and emerging tech companies.

I have carried the titles of Sales and Marketing CRO/CMO, and I bring a demonstrated ability to lead growth, innovation, and change in one of the most competitive and fast-moving industries on the planet.

Yes, I am a product of early stage, start-up, and big business, I am fortunate to have had significant successes working with top leading major tech companies including PayPal, AT&T, Tmobile, Warner Bros, Liberty Media, Facebook, Twitter, Sony, Jabil, SiriusXM, Zynga, Xpress money, Jungle Ventures, including several early stage companies.

I love what I do. Leading and driving teams, partner development, messaging and positioning, product marketing, demand generation and growth hacking for leading providers and companies and yes all with a knack for growing organizational revenue.

I specialize in cross-platform technology disciplines including telecom, wireless, messaging, mobile apps, user acquisition, enterprise-consumer sales, Location-Based Services, SaaS, PaaS, software, e-commerce, mobile payments fintech and content all driving the consumer and enterprise experience. My focus areas include sales, marketing, product marketing and business development, organizational structuring and establishing new country wide operations, partnerships and distribution channels in North American and globally.

What's here today can be gone tomorrow, and over the years I have collected a wealth of experience and yes wisdom from some of the smartest people in the industry. I am grateful for what I have learned, and I leverage this as a strategist, motivator, innovator, team builder, and fruitful passionate entrepreneur who truly thinks outside the box.