Rohan Khanduja

Jacksonville, Florida, US

Rohan's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Rohan

For me when I think of a start-up - It is all about the person.

I have a professional industry experience of around 6 years and been in technology field for around 13 years.

My undergraduate degree is of a Telecommunication Engineer and a year back I completed my Masters in Information Management from Syracuse University, NY with a specialization of Business Intelligence.

Converting Raw Data into meaningful information has been my key strengths.
Being a scholarship holder for showcasing excellence at my field of study, I believe I have a very positive and a motivated attitude towards everything I do.

I have a strong affinity towards meeting like minded people who like to aspire and spend time towards building a better tomorrow.

I have spent quality amount of time on a couple of ideas which I have pitched to an audience of people around me, receiving a very positive response.

I am highly motivated and would like to initiate a startup through means of a Mobile App on both iOS and Android Platform.

I am willing to make an investment and also would like to offer equity.

I would like to invest time in the person and towards the common goal.

Getting an investment to make the idea big is always the 2nd step of this journey
For now with your valuable time and hard effort let's take our 1st step together.

Reach me out via email on khandujarohan@ or may be a Facebook Message.