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I always consider myself designer by heart and developer by choice, In the beginning of my career, I started as a backend developer for my own Startup inspired by one of the trainers from IBM into my college workshop with my close friend in 2013 when I was in my College.

This was a start of many core understandings.

Working my way into the development industry was a path that I was created by myself based on one Question that I still found myself asking “How does it work ?”.

This was one question that started the passion. Wanting to know and understand how something works kept me engaged in this industry.

The most amazing aspect that I found about my career is how development progressed over the year as continuing to do stuff is such a refreshing feeling when I can constantly find myself being educated whether it’s from an opportunity to try something new or another friend & developer’s question.

Before I actually start my development of a new feature. I’m constantly stepping think as a user. This is the key process that can easy get overlooked or forgotten through consideration ad development planning.


Impossible is a wrapper from the possible, So just open it and make it possible - Rohit Yadav

Work Experience

Lead Full Stack Developer


April 2016 - Today

Developing smooth online learning experience with a talented team.

Full Stack Developer

Code Pinakin

January 2015 - March 2016

I was Full stack developer at Codepinakin, I was doing Font end and backend using latest web technologies like MaterializeCSS, Skeleton, PHP and rest API development. I have developed some projects and designs some PSD for the web and mobile application. As I was working as a full stack so It's my responsibility that I have to create and develop a nice and web driven project and program that can help the IT word as of now It's Codepinakin :). For Managing my team in the evening I schedule a meeting with my colleagues and asks them for what they have done and what is remain. Then I update a google doc with their task at a given time to complete some time it is very tight and sometimes its relax-able.


Angel Web Studio

March 2013 - August 2015


Faculty of engineering and technology, Gurukul kangri university


2015 - 2015


IBM DB2 Database and Application Fundamentals: July 2013

Co-working Space

91Spring Baord

2015 - 2015

hustle cowork

2016 - 2017